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Creepy Crafty Halloween Party TODAY for HEIA kids!

Your little Goblins and Ghouls are invited make some totally terrifying or just plain silly Halloween Decorations!

Toxic treats will be served!

3-5 pm 

Sunday 10/26 – THATS TODAY!

14121 Skyline Blvd

Ellen Q: 969-5969 ellenq@mac.com

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Annual End of Summer Picnic Fast Approaching!

2012 piicnic 1

Our End of Summer Picnic is this Sunday, September 21st from 3:00 to 6:00.  Come enjoy meeting new neighbors and visiting with old friends.  Dogs, Sausages and other treats provided, bring a side salad, appetizer or dessert of your choice.

Bring the kids!  We have games, music and a bounce house!

This year one lucky HEIA member will wing $500.00 in tree services from Tree Specialists.  And you all know we have lots of trees on our properties in Hillcrest!  To enter the drawing you must join us at the picnic and be a paid member of HEIA for 2014. You need not be present at the time of the drawing.

Hope to see you there!

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Annual Members Meeting

May 22nd, 6:00 to 8:30

Skyline Church 12540 Skyline Blvd

Hillcrest Estate members will gather for their annual meeting on May 22nd at Skyline Church.  The theme for this year’s meeting is Waterwise in the Hills.  We will follow the agenda as below. 

This meeting is very important to attend, not only because it is a very good opportunity to catch up with you neighbors, and meet new ones, but because the annual vote to renew board members is held at this meeting.  Della Johnson has stepped forward to fill the one opening this year.  

The board encourages members to be actively involved – you do not have to serve on the board to join or start a committee. 

Agenda Draft 

6:00/7:00         Social Hour – Appetizers and Drinks

7:00/7:15         Welcome from President

7:15/8:00         Guest Speaker

8:00/8:10         Treasurer’s Report

8:10/8:30         Reports by Committee, Q & A

8:30                 Adjourn Meeting

The Board would like to invite members who have concerns or just want to meet the board and see what is happening in the neighborhood to join them the first Wednesday of every month in the Friendship Room at Skyline Church.  May’s meeting will be held on 7th May.

An official agenda and ballot are forthcoming.

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Intervention Group Security Patrol Services

IVG have been patrolling our streets and cul de sacssince since the first of the year and, while other areas have seen an increase in crime in their neighborhoods, crime is down in Hillcrest Estates.  Check out the crime map at  oakland.crimespotting.org.  Hillcrest had hoped that there would be in excess of 100 homes who would choose the security of this patrol service, however, at this point there are only 60 homes who have made the commitment.  While those who have not signed up are enjoying the piece of mind that comes with this security patrol service there is definitively safety in numbers.  To be sure we can continue this important service at there reasonable price of $35.00 per month (less if paid in advance) there needs to be 100 households out of the 253 homs in HEIA.  

Here is the enrollment form.  Please copy and past and send to the address indicated below.  Or call Nate for more information.

Property Address____________________________________________________________________
Resident Name_____________________________________________________________________
Home Phone______________________________ Work Phone_______________________________
Cell Phone_______________________________ Email_____________________________________ Resident Name_____________________________________________________________________
Home Phone______________________________ Work Phone_______________________________
Cell Phone_______________________________ Email_____________________________________
Emergency Contact Name and Phone ___________________________________________________
Pertinent Information you wish to share (i.e., car make/license, regular visitors, etc.) _______________
__________ Initial here to request Home Alarm response.
(Special Note: contact your alarm company to list Intervention Group, 877-272-8765, as contact. IG will respond during patrol hours and secure your property; non-patrol hours, your alarm company will contact next listing). Name of alarm company_________________________________Phone________________________
Contact Nathan Cook, Intervention Group General Manager, with any questions: (510) 502-9653; interventiongroup@yahoo.com
Mail completed form to 8105 Edgewater Drive, Suite 120, Oakland, California 94621 or hand deliver to an Intervention Group officer

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Hillcrest Sponsors Security Patrol Meeting


Private Neighborhood Patrol Services  Informational Meeting

Tuesday November 12th 7:00 – 9:00

Skyline Church    12540 Skyline Blvd,

In these crazy times, we in Hillcrest Estates would like to consider ourselves relatively safe in our homes and on our streets.  That being said there are some things happening in our neighborhood that you should be aware of:

Break In-Parties have taken place at 11925 Skyline Blvd in July and August and more recently on Saturday, October 19 at 12391 Skyline Blvd. a very large gathering of young people broke into an unoccupied home, engaged in extensive vandalism, fired numerous gunshots, including one that entered the upstairs of an adjacent home, attempted to steal a neighbor’s vehicle, and engaged in general lawlessness.

We were alarmed by the repeated criminal activities in our midst and deeply troubled by a two hour delay in police response which allowed the seriousness of criminal conduct to escalate and substantially increased the danger to those in the area.

Both of these homes had recently sold and were vacant.  Vacant is the key word here.  Teens are looking for places to party and leaving your home vacant makes it a target.  This is not good for your property and puts the neighbors at risk.  HEIA is working with area realtors and property owners to make sure homeowners are aware of this situation and with OPD to make sure any future break-in parties can be ended before the homes are vandalized.

But as we know, other crime has not bypassed our neighborhood, and we all worry about our property and our safety.

The HEIA Board is working on two major safety and crime prevention efforts: License Plate Cameras, and Private Neighborhood Security Patrol.

License Plate Cameras: HEIA has joined Neighborhood Guard and is in the process of testing camera locations for HEIA-funded cameras at key neighborhood entry/exit locations.  At our November 12 meeting, we will have founder Jesper Jercenoks (JJ) available to discuss neighborhood cameras efforts and benefits.

Since the homeowner’s association has paid the membership fee, individual cul-de-sacs and private roads are now eligible to purchase a camera kit and HEIA will pay for associated ongoing service costs and help with set-up. Neighborhood Guard will provide help with installation and assistance in setting up the monitor group for each camera.

Private Neighborhood Patrol:

Hillcrest Estates is planning to gather our neighborhood for an informational evening meeting at Skyline Church on Tuesday, November 12th, to discuss forming a group to fund a Private Neighborhood Security Patrol.

Nathan Cook of Intervention Group, will discuss the benefits of the patrol, and the services they offer. Intervention Group provides patrol services for several of our surrounding neighborhoods, including Parkridge Estates, Ridgemont and Campus Drive. Several others are considering the service as well. Representatives from neighborhoods with the service will be there to discuss their experience.

In order to provide this ongoing service, we will need a minimum number of residents commit to the service. You will be asked to complete pledge cards to indicate you are in.  Monthly cost will be determined by the number of households that commit.   We will have an estimate of monthly cost at the meeting.

To be sure that everyone in our Association is informed and invited, both to the meeting and to join the Private Neighborhood Security Patrol Group, we will have neighborhood volunteers going door to door from 11/2 – 11/10 to provide you with more information, and invite you to the meeting. We hope to cover everyone . Keep an eye out for a message from your neighbor volunteer saying hello and/or arranging to meet you if you have a gated property.

If you would like more information, please contact leerutter@sbcglobal.net. If you don’t have internet services, your neighbor volunteer can help with more information.

We are looking for volunteers to meet with a few neighbors in their immediate area. Please let Lee know if you can help!

Peaase save the date for this important meeting and be sure someone from your household can attend.





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